Traveling has a unique ability to expand one's horizons and expose them to diverse cultures and surroundings. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit numerous places, courtesy of my parent's employment with an airline.

When I was younger, my siblings and I made it a goal to visit as many MLB stadiums as we could, and we managed to check off 27 out of 30 thus far. It's difficult for me to choose my favorite international travel destination, but my recent visit to the Austrian Alps definitely stands out. The scenic beauty and grandeur of the mountains left me in awe, pictured below.


I've been passionate about snowboarding since I first went to Reno, Nevada, at age four. During my first day at ski school, I couldn't make it down a bunny hill without wiping out & I initially despised snowboarding. Nevertheless, I remained determined to prove myself, so I persisted. Towards the end of the day, I completed an entire run without falling, and that's when my passion for snowboarding was ignited, which has stayed with me ever since.

Every year, my family & I would take a ski trip; however, a week just wasn’t enough time for me. Since I grew up in Georgia, the nearest ski resort was over 8 hours away.  To overcome this, I got creative  and made my own summer rail jam using a skateboard ramp and rail covered with fake turf.

During my final year of high school, I bought a season pass to Brighton Resort in Salt Lake City and would fly out whenever I could. This experience led me to develop a deep affection for Salt Lake City, and a decade later, it played a crucial role in my choice to move here.


Hiking/ Camping

There is something magical about sliding on a pair of sturdy boots and venturing through the wilderness. My family and I have been going on hiking and camping trips for as long as I can remember. Nothing quite compares to gazing up at the starry night sky next to the vibrant hues of the campfire flames.

Through hiking and camping, I have learned to appreciate the present moment, find joy in the simple things, and disconnect from technology for days at a time. Hiking helps me clear my mind and focus on the positive aspects of life. It gives me a break from constantly planning for the future and allows me to appreciate the beauty of nature.

I've had the pleasure of camping and hiking in some amazing locations, including Yellowstone National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Linville Gorge, and even at the summit of Mt. Hood in Oregon (as shown in the picture).



Throughout my life, I’ve had a deep passion for participating in various sports. As a college student, I dedicated my time and energy to perfecting my lacrosse skills, which has now become a beloved pastime of mine. Nevertheless, my heart truly lies in playing pickup games for soccer, basketball, tennis, and volleyball.

Although I enjoy playing all these sports, basketball remains my most frequently played sport, as I often visit my local gym for pickup games. In addition, I engage in an adult soccer league every week, allowing me to experience the thrill of competition while engaging in team-oriented play. Ultimately, I gravitate towards any activity enabling me to move my body and challenge myself in a group setting.